Shauna Farabaugh

 Somatic Sex Educator

More pleasure.  It’s possible.  And you deserve it.

Shauna has been a professional sex educator for over a decade, with certifications from San Francisco Sex Information, The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and the Somatic Sex Educators Association.  She is particularly passionate about exploring the intersection between sexuality and life transitions of all kinds—both how life change impacts our sexual identity and expression and how we can connect with our sexuality in times of transition as a source of strength, resilience and wisdom to guide us through change.  Reverently irreverent, she brings a profound sense of play to both her group classes and one on one work with clients of all genders, sexualities, and sexual lifestyles…because sex really is supposed to be fun!

Somatic sex education brings you back into connection with your body’s dynamic intelligence to experience more pleasure, more vitality, and more joy—both in and out of the bedroom.  Together we work through whatever is keeping you from the sex life of your dreams, allowing you to fully embody your most joyful and authentic sexual expression.

Somatic sex education supports you to:

  • Connect with and cultivate your erotic/life-force energy to nourish and heal a broken heart
  • Continue to enjoy and celebrate your sexuality during illness or medical treatment
  • Reclaim your sex life after injury, illness, or surgery
  • Heal from trauma and fully embody your erotic power
  • Find relief from chronic pelvic pain or pain during sex
  • Finally truly know your yes, your no, your desires—and ask for what you want
  • Increase your capacity to feel pleasure—erotic and otherwise
  • Feel more alive, more joyful, and more present in your body

    Shauna's practice is queer, trans*, gender-non-conforming, poly, kink, and sex worker friendly

    90 minutes - $225

    Because somatic learning and transformation requires conscious practice over time, I offer multi-session packages at a discount:

    3 sessions - $650
    5 sessions - $1050
    10 sessions - $2050

    Available beginning mid-October 2017: TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)

    Introductory session (90 minutes) - $150
    Introductory 3-session package (recommended) - $350 ($400 value)

Curious about somatic sex education and want to find out if it's for you? Is there that one thing you've always maybe kind of sorta wanted to talk to an expert about, but you didn't exactly "need" a sex therapist? Maybe sex with your partner has gotten a little, uh..."routine"? Or maybe you're tired of struggling with your boundaries or of not knowing what you "really want"? Have you lost your mojo and have no idea how to get it back?.

Then a 30 Minute Sex Life Tune-Up is for you! For just $30 and in 30 minutes, Shauna will share insights, exercises, tips and tricks to get you back on track to the sex life of your dreams that day!


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