Renee Speijcken


Meet and experience our visiting Dutch body-worker and certified somatic coach Renée Speijcken. From September till December Renée is offering her unique
“Vitality Balancing Bodywork” which aims at restoring your vital life force and deep aliveness. This is done by freeing your body from energetic, physical, emotional and mental restrictions like stress, anxiety, depression, emotional disturbances, sexual problems, digestive problems, headaches, neck, shoulders problems, back pains and chakra imbalances.
Sessions will bring a deep sense of wholeness, and relaxation. They can be invigorating and transformative as the body’s own healing capacities are stimulated to ease pain, release emotions and bring lasting relief. Renée is known for compassionately and skillfully getting to the heart of her clients issue through her deeply embodied somatic listening and observation skills, her compassionate touch and clarity of communication.
She has over 15 years of experience in the field of body-mind-spirit therapy & practices and received her trainings in somatic coaching, polarity therapy and yoga by respectively Richard Strozzi-Heckler at Strozzi Somatics Institute; Jeannie Kerrigan; Phil Young and Morag Campell at Polarity Therapy Masterworks International; Yoga teacher Max Strom and Tantric master Daniel Odier.



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