Our Readers

We have professional Intuitive Readers on staff every day of the week, walk-ins welcome!

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Linda Amburgey

Intuitive Astrology Consultant & Store Owner

Astrology, Tarot, Classes, Counseling 

Maria Stanford

Tarot & Past-Life Regression

Tarot, Guided Meditation, Past-Life Regression,
House Clearings & Blessings

John Mullin

Intuitive Energy Work

Energy Healing, Mediumship, Interactive Energy Groups,
Meditation Classes

Marcela Veron

Face, Hand/Palm & Soul Readings

Intuitive Soul Readings (Face, Hand/Palm, and Birthday),
Tarot, Personal Pendulums

Casey Zabala

Tarot Magic

Wanderer's Tarot creatrix, Intuitive Tarot, Ritual Magic

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