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Crystal Healing


You will receive a consultation with me and I will customize a crystal healing session to meet your needs. This includes meditation and balancing of all chakras with laying on of crystals on the body, sound therapy and aromatherapy are part of your healing, so you could feel better and have the intention to set forth on your journey. 

New Client Promotion 60 minutes 
Crystal Healing - $100

60 minutes - $125

120+ minutes - $250


-Skype or In Person 60 minutes 
This involves a reading from me, and I will create a custom healing bag for you to help you in your time of need so you can set forth on your journey
When I work on you, I am channeling the energy of the crystals and angelic beings. 
I am here to help guide, heal and to make you feel at peace. We all have a “story” but it’s how we help ourselves with the wisdom and healing that we can turn our story into a continued journey of healing and happy endings.

My goal is to help heal and create open and loving space for my clients. Once you learn how to heal, then you can grow from within and create joy in all areas of your life.

About Sima
Growing up I always knew that I was different in how I felt things around me in the spiritual realm. I remember at an early age that I could feel and hear spirits and still to this day I can. I was different in the sense of feeling the world on an empathetic level. I have always been fascinated with crystals from an early age. After elementary school on my way to the library, I would go to a retail store called Nature Company just to hold geodes, stand in huge amethysts geodes connecting with their energy. Crystals have always been in my life.

I had a life-changing moment which had changed me on many levels. I was lucky no fractures or broken bones just bad bruises that went away. Very lucky indeed! In the month that I was off work, I just did a lot of meditation and taking care of myself spiritually, mentally and physically later going for walks. Then, a couple of years ago I was fast asleep and it happened my spirit guide told me to get “Aqua Aura” a loud and clear whisper in my ear and realized that is when my third eye opened up for the first time. I knew that the universe was and is looking out for me. I have had growth and learning experiences in my life that I wouldn’t change because they made me who I am today.

I would be guided to buy crystals in certain quantities, or feel that certain crystals were meant to be purchased together and kept together in my home. I would bring them home and set them out in very specific patterns, intuitively guided as to where they were to be placed and what pattern to create with them. I was also guided when they were to be moved or changed. I learned years later that these 'patterns' are called Crystal Grids and that they are very powerful and hold sacred meaning. Crystals have an important meaning in my life and healing people is what I came here to do on this plane. 

I noticed strangely I would be attracted to a crystal from the moment I saw it or felt it in my hands. The vibration of the crystal, color, clarity and it felt amazing when I held it. I started reading books, going to seminars, speaking with healers of all sorts especially crystal healers and one day I decided to become a certified crystal healer myself. I became certified through the Love and Light School of Energy Medicine now Crystal Therapy. Through this journey, I am able to heal people with love, guidance, angelic beings and spiritual blessings with my crystals.

The Crystal Way - Market
Wednesdays, 11am - 7pm

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